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Nicaragua Miraflor
Nicaragua Miraflor
Nicaragua Miraflor

Nicaragua Miraflor

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Don't know which roast level to buy? Get all three and get to try the same coffee roasted at different degrees. 

6oz Light Roasted - Bright, Milk chocolate notes, Light Body

6oz Medium Roasted - Balanced, Cocoa Notes, Medium Body

6oz Dark Roasted - Bittersweet, Dark Cocoa Notes, Full Body


Country: Nicaragua

Process: Washed

Altitude (Meters) : 1,200-1,400 MASL

Region: Miraflor

Variety: Caturra

Drying: Sun-dried


Miraflor natural reserve in the Northern area of Nicaragua, at an estimated altitude of 1200-1400 m above sea level. The reserve of Miraflor has amazing characteristics to produce high-quality coffee and thanks to its altitude it is slightly cooler compared to other places in Nicaragua. The beautiful Finca Mi Dulce Luna only cultivates 4.59 acres of coffee, under soursop and banana trees, approximately 99% of the varietal is Caturra and it is the only variety on this farm. The coffee is cautiously hand-picked, de-pulped, and washed after a day of fermentation. After this, the coffee is dried on drying tables and later dried on a patio where the temperature is regulated and sun rays are filtrated. The farm has reached an amazing cup quality and it constantly continues to improve the quality of its coffee, mainly focusing on premium quality coffee.