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Colombia Nariño
Colombia Nariño

Colombia Nariño

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Balanced, Nutty/Cocoa notes, Full Body

Farm: Various smallholder farmers



Variety: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra



Altitude: 1200–2000 masl



Processing: Washed



Region’s information:



Nariño Coffee is 100% washed Arabica and mild coffee, planted at great altitudes, picked selectively and wet-milled on coffee farms. Nariño’s geographical situation makes it's coffee zone very special. Soils with a high percentage of organic material that makes it possible to cultivate coffee at high altitudes. Because Nariño is close to the equator, the region’s coffee plantations are subjected to a relatively constant number of sunlight hours all year-round, very particular rainfall patterns and daily temperature ranges that have a clear effect on the coffee’s flavor and aroma.