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About Us

The Beginning

I knew what coffee was at a very early age. I remember me sitting on the couch, next to my cousin, both waiting for our grandma to bring us a cup of a freshly brewed cup of coffee made in a moka pot, served with hot milk and a warm bread roll with butter. Or seeing my mother brewing coffee full immersion style and filtering it using a cloth strainer. Once I went to college I was drinking coffee looking for energy and to stay awake until I heard someone say “if you have to put sugar in your coffee, is not good coffee”. That made me so curious that the next time I visited one of those famous coffee shops, I ordered mine with no sugar. You know what happened, I couldn't drink it.  That made me think of going to a local coffee shop, talking to a “real” barista and trying “real” coffee. The barista brewed me an Ethiopian coffee that it wasn’t only sweet, it tasted like blueberries. It blew my mind, immediately I wanted to try coffees with that quality from all around the globe. Not only I got into brewing coffee, but I also got into roasting coffee too, and I noticed that my coffee was way better than the majority of the coffee offered near me. How could this be? At the time, I wasn’t an expert roaster, my “roaster” was a hacked house kitchen appliance and I was roasting better coffee than the one I was paying $16-$20 a bag?..I decided to do something about it.  So, for those who like coffee, for those who want to learn, for those that expect more and want to do better, we present to you our concept. Only high-quality coffee beans, freshly roasted, without all the BS that’s around the coffee world. Wait…let me put on my business hat…welcome to Liam & Ian Coffee Roasters. More stories to come 😊.

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